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    Our 2022 season was such an incredible time of growth for us! We shot more weddings and engagement sessions than any other year, it was taught us so many lessons that we will always be grateful for. This job allows us the beautiful opportunity of meeting so many people and being a part of their journey which is such a gift. The connections that we have made and the connections that we get to document stay with us. We will look back on all the tears, all the laughs as a year that brought us so much love.

    We travelled all across Ontario last season from Deep River to Niagara-on-the-Lake and our weddings and sessions took us places we’ve never been before. This is an aspect we will always be excited about! From intimate weddings on family properties to large gatherings at banquet halls, we loved every single one! Our job not only brings us close to our couples but also to their families and we have always been received with open arms! What an incredible feeling to be with people on one of the happiest days of their lives! We also had the pleasure of working with some extremely talented vendors that truly inspire us! Thank you to every single person who we had the pleasure of meeting in 2022, you made our year one to remember and are the reason we continue to do what we love!

    On top of our couple’s weddings we were also in the process of planning our own wedding which happened in September 2022. That gave us an even more extensive understanding of what our couple’s face planning for their own wedding and the feelings that happen on the day. We are so excited to bring this new aspect of being a husband and wife team to our couples. We incorporated Michael into the business as my second shooter which has made my job even more fulfilling knowing he’s experiencing everything by my side, I couldn’t ask for a better man and partner.

    Although we faced many challenges in 2022 we also experienced so many blessings, we continue to grow as we learn more about ourselves and the industry. Life can be messy, chaotic and ever-changing but that’s what makes each day so beautiful! We bring even more experience into 2023 and we cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us!

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