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Muskoka Lakes Summer

We had the pleasure of photographing Cristina & James’s engagement session in our neck fo the woods, beautiful Muskoka Lakes! This session was done late in the summer on a gorgeous clear evening with the sun shining and the love in abundance! These lovely humans met in 2019 and are so excited to get married this coming September! From our first connection with them over FaceTime we knew we would be a perfect fit! We get along so well and talked for hours! Connections like this really make our hearts so full!

    We started our session at a waterfall spot in Bracebridge, the falls were low enough that we were able to get right down on the rocks for some beautiful photos of the running water. Cristina & James are very passionate about nature so it was important that we capture some beautiful water, forests and rocks to compliment their passions. After walking some trails and braving the rocks around the waterfall were headed to a sunset spot on the lake. The pink rocks were stunning and the sun set perfectly behind us, it was magical! We spent the rest of the session down at the water watching the sun dip below the horizon and dancing in it’s last rays! Wr have the pleasure of working with such love and connection and this session was no different! It was the sweetest blessing to watch them interact and support one another.

    We had such an incredible time basking in this couple’s energy and talked until dark! We are endlessly grateful for these opportunities to meet such lovely couples and learn such amazing stories! We are so happy to be connected with these sweet souls and cannot wait for their wedding to be reunited once more! September is going to be such a beautiful month, we can’t wait for all the love!

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