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Guelph Lake Summer Engagement
This engagement session was such a blast to capture! Caitlyn & Jesse were grinning ear to ear throughout our entire evening together! They were playful and cuddly which made them such a pleasure to photograph. They have such a joyful, loving energy that created such a wonderful atmosphere. Honestly, their giggling during our session produced such sweet photos. It is such a blessing to have met these souls and I am beyond excited to be a part of their journey!

These two love the outdoors and hiking so they chose to do their summer engagement session at Elora Gorge in Guelph and finish with a sunset at stunning Guelph Lake. Jesse proposed to Caitlyn at this location while on a romantic hike in Elora Gorge which I think is so adorable and sentimental! It’s so their vibe. We made the trek down to the water at Elora Gorge and got such gorgeous shots of the sun beaming through the trees! We hiked along the side of the river and even climbed onto a couple rocks in the middle of the river. Once we finished the shots along the river we headed to Guelph Lake and got there in time to see the sun set below the treeline. Then we got cozy in the sand, popped some bubbly and celebrated their upcoming wedding this August! Now for the fun part, I LOVE when couples trust my vision and C & J were down to trust me! They got into the water where we got some sultry shots in the twilight. IT WAS GORGEOUS!

I truly cannot wait for C & J’s intimate wedding on a farm with rolling hills and the sun setting over the fields, it’s going to be so lovely! It makes it all the more special that it’s on their family’s property. I eagerly anticipate their wedding and all the laughs/tears we are going to share on their big day!
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