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Muskoka Cottage Fall Proposal

This proposal session is incredibly close to my heart. I’ve known Brad for almost 7 years now and Reed for almost as long! We worked at a golf course together in Muskoka, the same season that I met the love of my life and future husband Michael! Anyone who knows Brad well or even has just met him knows that he has a huge heart! He will also make you laugh until your cheeks hurt! He is a goofy ball of energy and I could not have been happier for him when he fell in love with Reed. Reed is a beautiful sweetheart who balances Brad out perfectly! As you can see from the photos, these humans are the real deal!


Brad reached out to me a few months prior to the Fall asking if I was free for a session and I immediately got excited because I had a feeling he wanted to propose! I was over the moon when he asked if I would take photos when he officially asked Reed to spend the rest of their lives together! We decided to pretend that it was a normal couple session and I wanted some more sessions in Muskoka for my portfolio! He wanted to do it at Reed’s family cottage as it is a very sentimental place for them both. We started the session off with a few shots on the dock, then headed up to their deck where I had Reed look the other way as I positioned Brad behind her, I played the song that Brad picked out and had her turn around to see Brad on one knee! It was such a beautiful moment that I feel beyond blessed to have been a part of! Their smiles say everything and show such pure love. It's safe to say that their dog, Nash, was very pleased with her parents getting engaged, and was all smiles for the pictures!


The rest of the session was full of laughter, smiles, and such heart-warming energy as we got a few sunset shots and popped some bubbly! Reed’s family knew that Brad was going to propose and they were waiting inside to congratulate the newly engaged couple!


I am full of gratitude that I am able to do this for my friends and capture these memories for them to cherish forever, congratulations you two! Xoxo

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