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Muskoka Fall Golf Course Engagement
We had the absolute pleasure of capturing Teagan and Ryan’s beautiful engagement session in Muskoka at a very special golf course. This golf course is not only where these two enjoy spending their time in the summer, it is also the same private golf course where Michael and I met while working there almost 8 years ago now. We worked there together for many years before we gave photography our full attention and started down this journey. So not only did we have the gorgeous Muskoka backdrop, we also got a little trip down memory lane that evening and it was so special! When we connected with these two we knew that we would be a perfect fit! These high school sweethearts are seriously the most amazing humans that we LOVED getting to know and hanging out with, we can’t say enough amazing things about these two! 

   The light we had for this session was absolutely breathtaking, combine that with the fall colours being out in full force, these moments are truly magical! The colours in the trees still take our breath away every time we see them! So we took our time finding the prettiest spots on each hole as we drove the golf course and it was so much fun! We made our way higher through the golf course until we came to the highest point where the 14th tee overlooks the hole from on top of a cliff! The views of those colours from so high was absolutely stunning! We braved the cold to get a lovely final sunset silhouette photo before we headed back down. The cold was worth the shots that we were able to get which such golden light!

   We greatly anticipate their wedding coming up at the end of the year in Toronto! It’s going to be an incredible day getting to hang out with them again and celebrating the amazing love that they have!
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